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Membership and Registration

To register with NCKC, you need to:

  • download the membership package and fill it out completely,
  • if a driver is a minor, download and fill out the Parental Consent form,
  • download and fill out the applicable medical form (physical examination or self-declaration) from the pertinent section of the ASN web site,
  • pay the applicable fees either online (by clicking on the button below) or through other means with our Registrar, and
  • hand in all the filled out forms to our Registrar (scan and email, through regular mail or in person)


  1. All forms must be provided and payment made for the membership to be complete.
  2. If applying for a family membership, you will only need one membership form to be completed for the family but each driver MUST have an NCKC release or Parental Consent. Please note that family refers to parent-son/daughter living at the same address.

Membership Package

Parental Consent

Physical Examination Form

Register online now using the button below: