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Re: SPOILERS - Turkish GP

Postby Eric Giberson » Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:09 am

I think that having a really fast car and two really fast drivers are taking it's toll on the team. The pressure to win races must be huge for the team, the mechanics and both drivers. I think everyone at Red Bull needs to take a chill pill and evaluate the situation. When 2 drivers are up front at a certain point the team has to put their foot down and tell them to bring home the one two. This "we let them race" talk is just to please the stewards and the FIA. The reality of situation is the team comes first. Vettel forgot it, Webber forgot it and Horner should have know better then to assume that both his divers wouldn't let their race car driver egos get in the way. I think its time for the team to grow a pair of stones crack the whip.
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